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Conservation Club Competitive Partnership Grant Application

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What is the Conservation Club Competitive Partnership Grant Program?

The ODNR Division of Wildlife Conservation Club Competitive Partnership Grant Program is a program to encourage participation in wildlife related recreation activities (fishing, hunting, trapping and shooting sports education) on a local level. Participation by youth or individuals unfamiliar with wildlife related recreation is emphasized. Projects focusing on public access to property or facilities, education and informing youth in safe participation in wildlife related activities, developing long term mentorship programs in fishing, hunting and shooting sports education are encouraged.


When is the application deadline?

  • The application period opens January 1st
  • Applications must be submitted by March 15th
  • The grant covers projects/programs taking place the following July 1st through June 30th


Who is eligible to apply for the grant?

County conservation clubs, organized non-profits and regional/state conservation organizations whose constitution and bylaws state that conservation functions and the education are the principal purposes of the organization.


In addition, the organization must meet two of the following three criteria:

  • The conservation clubs must have been in existence and active for not less than two (2) years prior to applying for a sponsorship agreement.
  • The conservation club must have active memberships of at least 25 (documented) and conduct no less than four meetings annually.
  • The conservation club owns or leases land located in Ohio. The lands must be used primary for fishing, hunting, shooting sports education or other wildlife-related outdoor recreation.

NOTE: Private individuals are not eligible


How much money is available?

A conservation club can apply for up to $15,000 total per fiscal year and can be divided between as many as ten (10) separate project proposals. Each proposal must include a detailed budget indicating how the funds will be spent.


What type of programming is preferred?

Programs consisting of all R3 components (recruitment, retention and reactivation) are highly recommended. Information regarding R3 can be found at: http://www.cahss.org.

NOTE: Activities involving competition are not eligible. Activities and events must have an educational value and include a hands-on experience.


How is the program funded?

Funding for the Conservation Club Partnership Grant Program is comprised of money from license/permit revenues and the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program. For more information about this program please refer to the USFWS website: http://wsfrprograms.fws.gov/Subpages/AboutUs/ WSFRProgramBrochure2011.pdf


Who can participate in the event or activity?

All activities supported by the ODNR Division of Wildlife must be open to all citizens regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, mobility, visual disabilities, or learning disabilities. Risk management and safety considerations, however, may limit active participation by some age or ability groups.


Who is responsible for the coordination of safety and risk management concerns?

The grant recipient is responsible for all safety and risk management concerns. The ODNR Division of Wildlife does not accept any liability for damage or injury resulting from activities supported through the Conservation Club Partnership Grant. The cost of liability insurance, however, can be purchased with grant funds.

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**Total Grant Requested cannot exceed $15,000**

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